Why take training at the Employment Village ?

Why does the Employment Village method satisfy graduates and recruiters when other training courses lead to disappointments? The very genesis of the VDE concept largely answers this question (Chapter 1).

The established method guarantees the operationality of young graduates after a short period of in-house training and the increase in skills with the first employer (chapter 2).

The VDE economic-legal model guarantees free studies, 100% employability and integration into a real IS team in charge of a large-scale Information Systems project (chapter 3).

Our zoom "Job Village Avis" gives you more details on this distinguished training center.

Village of employment method: an observation and a solution

The success of the VDE concept is well established. The rapid placement rate of laureates (100%) is enough to proclaim loud and clear the effectiveness of the Employment Village method. This is hardly surprising when we know that the very idea of ​​the Employment Village model germinated in the minds of its founders in response to the thorny problem of the first job.

Frustrated and disappointed by the positions that their first employers had offered them, the VDE pioneers had decided to create an Information Systems training center that satisfied both IS players and young graduates looking for the first job.

The initial paradoxical observation, still relevant, is the following: ESN companies complain about the scarcity of directly operational IS profiles while recruits rail against the lack of confidence shown by an employer found after months of searching for employment.

The solution would then be to invent a training course in Information Systems which places operational IS laureates on the job market as soon as they leave school: training employment village.

Training employment village: learning through reality

We have somewhat unveiled the secret of the Job Village method (profiles really adapted to the needs of IS recruiters). That of the Training Employment Village lies in the apprenticeship mode.


While university courses place more emphasis on the theoretical component taught for years (3 to 5 years), training in the employment village focuses on the practical aspect.


The VDE laureates come from different backgrounds (computer science, science and literature). It is then a question of planning a short but comprehensive theoretical upgrade (speak the same IS jargon), after which the laureates begin their learning of the Information Systems trades through practice.


The transmission of knowledge to the employment village is done through the study of real IS projects. All the trainers selected to support the winners have a solid academic background (minimum bac +5) and a perfect mastery of the Information Systems sector. The VDE laureate is then confronted on the benches of the center with the challenges he will encounter in his professional life. Its operationality is thus guaranteed, to the happiness of recruiters!


The logistics of the center allow such a mode of teaching. The IT infrastructure is high tech and extensive. The technical training team selects the latest technologies used by IS players.


The exceptionality of the Employment Village method is not limited to this level. The legal and economic model of the employment village contributes to the richness of its training.


Village de l'Emploi : a win-win contract

The training of VDE laureates is provided by a network of partner companies. These are major players in Information Systems who accompanied its birth and who continue to trust it after twenty years. This solidarity testifies to their full satisfaction with the quality of apprenticeship in the employment village and their unfailing commitment to the achievement of its mission.


VDE sponsors constantly have IS projects to carry out. Also, they turn to the village in the first place to recruit operational laureates and integrate them into their teams; the assignments are presented in the form of calls for tenders. The VDE technical team analyzes these projects in depth and offers them to graduates who have the right profile.


The interested winner is then recruited by the sponsor for a period of three years: CDI site VDE. During this period, the young recruit is paid as an employee (average salary 2000 euros per month + benefits). The real plus is that he is given a rewarding responsibility AND that he is accompanied during this first job by technical trainers and other coaches from the village.


This employment village method deepens and accelerates the apprenticeship of the successful candidate recruited under a 3-year CDI. At the end of this contract, the young recruit has the necessary background to claim the title of confirmed expert. It saves time that can be counted in years!

Employment village notice

1. Village of employment method

The Job Village method perfectly meets the needs of IS recruiters while fully satisfying the ambitions of the young laureates.

The VDE sponsor partners are assured of being able to expand their teams with qualified and operational laureates who master the keys to their sector of activity (banking, insurance, mass distribution, etc.), are familiar with the latest technologies, know the architecture of an Information System project and are introduced to the art of communication.

As for the winners, they enjoy unique advantages:

• free training;
• first rewarding job;
• accelerated career thanks to the support of trainers during the CDI.

2. CDI 3 years notice: honest contract or abuse?

The VDE sponsors finance the running of the center and the training of the laureates; these are significant investments. In return for free education (9 months at the center, or even less), the recruit agrees to work for his recruiter partner for three years. The salary is fair and the position rewarding. In addition, being a partner of the village, the employer grants the recruit the freedom to seek advice and support from the trainers in the village. It is a partnership of trust. All parties share the same values: solidarity, quest for excellence and confidentiality as to the nature of current projects.

The successful candidate recruited as part of a VDE worksite CDI is free to terminate the employment contract at any time, he is then required to reimburse the remainder of his training costs in proportion to the missing period. It is not about abuse of power or exploitation. It is a free contract, perfectly clear and signed with full knowledge of the facts.

Given the situation on the job market, it would not be wrong to say that this is a unique opportunity to build an accelerated professional career in a sector of the future.

You just have to watch and read the numerous testimonials and Village de Emploi opinions distributed by former VDEs to be convinced.

Today, all companies wishing to establish themselves in the market need a state-of-the-art information system. Professionals who work in this field are therefore highly sought after and it is for this reason that more and more young people are entering this sector.

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