Village de l’Emploi: an innovation for youth employment

Employment village: an innovation for youth employment

Today, all companies wishing to establish themselves in the market need a state-of-the-art information system. Professionals who work in this field are therefore highly sought after and it is for this reason that more and more young people are entering this sector. Despite this surge in demand, companies often cannot find qualified professionals. This is because new graduates do not have all the qualities required to fill vacant positions.

To remedy this problem, the employment village decided to develop a very effective method to help young people to launch their careers. It is therefore possible to register to take advantage of this innovative program.

The employment village, a whole story


Created in 1998, this technological complex is a program which saw the light of day thanks to the initiative of a young graduate in a Master’s degree in computerized methods applied to business management (MIAGE). Indeed, after obtaining his certificate, he had difficulty finding a job, as employers were only looking for professionals with experience.

Having noticed that he was not the only one in this situation, he decided to create a program called “village of employment”. From the outset, the aim of this initiative was to allow young graduates to gain several years of experience, and that in a few months. It is especially from 2011, with the arrival of many investors, that the program really developed.

The institute works in partnership with companies, experts in IT techniques and professions, communication professionals and job placement specialists. All the conditions are therefore met in order to facilitate the task for those who wish to integrate the field of information systems very quickly.

How to register for the program?

This complex is accessible to all young graduates, whether they have studied IT or not. People who have already obtained their diplomas for years and who wish to retrain in the field of information systems can also take advantage of this opportunity by participating in the program.

However, to carry out a village employment registration, it is necessary to meet a number of conditions. Young people must have at least the Bac + 2 level and only people who have the capacity to work in France after this course can participate.

Indeed, even if foreign students are authorized to register for the program, this is not an opportunity that could allow them to renew their residence permit. In addition, after the training, they must necessarily obtain an authorization to be able to work with one of the partner employers.

It is important to specify that neither the employer and even less the employment village can take charge of carrying out these procedures in place of the applicants. They will therefore have to obtain these authorizations themselves. If the graduate complies with these conditions, he will be able to benefit from this offer.

Registration for the program is completely free. To do so, you need to go to the official website and click on the “admission” button. If you would like more information on the registration employment village, you can contact the institute directly by phone or by email.

What is the method implemented?

The village of employment has established a revolutionary method. The course offered for this purpose mainly takes place in two stages. This is the training phase and the employment phase.


The training phase

First, the graduates are trained in a field related to information systems. This course lasts between 3 and 9 months. It is taught by expert trainers who pass on their knowledge quickly to the students in three different parts.

For specialists, the first step is to help young people expand previous knowledge and provide them with new information.

The second phase of the training aims to provide non-IT graduates with technical knowledge to operate in the information systems sector. As for computer science graduates, they will simply deepen the concepts.

The third part is essential in all fields of activity. It consists of transmitting to young people the essential knowledge of communication.

The start-up phase

This technological complex is in partnership with many ESN type companies (Digital Sector Company). As a result, after training and coaching in communication, young people have the opportunity to automatically sign a CDI with one of the institute’s partner companies.

The duration of this phase is at least three years. The two parties (employee and employer) can decide, by mutual agreement, to continue the collaboration.

What training is available at this institute?

The employment village offers training only in certain areas of information systems. To this end, graduates have the choice between 5 specialties namely:

       • Assistant Project Owner (AMO);
       • Business intelligence (BI);
       • New Technologies and Development;
       • Industrial data ;
       • Production and operation.

It should be noted that each of these specialties is divided into several sub-categories. In addition, some of them only concern technician and IT specialist profiles, while others are much more suitable for non-IT specialist profiles.

Is the training provided by the employment village free?

Being trained by experts comes at a fairly high cost, but it is quite possible to benefit from the education free of charge. Indeed, the village of employment registration is in collaboration with many companies that finance the training of young people.

The graduate can therefore follow the course without a financial counterpart, on condition of working for three years, at the end of the program, with one of the partners. In the event that he declines this offer, he will simply have to pay the training costs.

It is also possible that a person abandons the program without fulfilling all of their commitments to the sponsoring company. If this situation arises, the graduate will have to reimburse the training costs by deducting the amount corresponding to the time remaining in the service of the partner.

Why join this program?

The employment village program has proven itself for many years. As a young graduate, there are several reasons for joining this program.

Information systems have a future

The initiative focuses only on the information systems professions which are currently the most promising. Participating in this program is therefore a way to embrace a field that has a future.

Benefit from free training

The training given by the institute is equivalent to nearly six years of study. This is a quality education that is provided by professionals.

This training is quite expensive and difficult to access for many graduates. However, with the employment village, they have the possibility of following it for free.


Launch your career

At the end of the learning cycle, participants have the opportunity to work with one of the partners. This helps them to launch their careers very quickly and to gain the necessary professional experience to occupy even more important positions in the future.

In addition, the employment village allows the companies with which it works in collaboration to benefit from a qualified workforce within relatively short periods of time. This institute is therefore a real pole of employment in France.

27 réflexions sur “Village de l’Emploi: an innovation for youth employment”

  1. While the employment village program is innovative, it seems limited to graduates who can work in France. It would be beneficial to explore opportunities for international students to participate and contribute to the program

  2. The VDE economic-legal model ensures that studies are free and graduates are fully employable and integrated into real IS teams for large-scale projects.

  3. The « Village de l’emploi » method has been proven successful for over 20 years, and continues to be a trusted choice for IS recruiters and young graduates seeking their first job in the industry.

  4. The « Village de l’emploi » is a great choice for those who want to learn the Information Systems trade through practical experience.

  5. The « Village de l’emploi » is a highly effective solution to the problem of a lack of directly operational IS profiles and lack of confidence shown by employers.

  6. This employment village program is a game-changer for young graduates. It provides them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience and launch their careers in the field of information systems. Kudos to the initiative!

  7. he partnership between the employment village and companies in the IT sector is commendable. It ensures that graduates receive practical training and have the chance to work with industry professionals, giving them a head start in their careers

  8. The fact that the registration for this program is free is a fantastic opportunity for young graduates. Quality education and training can be expensive, so this initiative makes it accessible for those who may have financial constraints

  9. The variety of specialties offered by the employment village caters to both IT and non-IT graduates. It’s great to see such inclusivity, allowing everyone to benefit from the program and contribute to the field of information systems

  10. The employment village’s emphasis on communication skills is crucial. In addition to technical knowledge, being able to effectively communicate is essential in any field of activity. It’s great to see this aspect being integrated into the program

  11. The employment village’s method of providing training in two stages, focusing on expanding knowledge and gaining practical experience, is a well-thought-out approach. It ensures that graduates are equipped with both theoretical and practical skills

  12. The partnership between the employment village and ESN type companies is a win-win situation. Graduates not only receive training but also have the opportunity to secure a long-term employment contract with one of the institute’s partner companies. Impressive!

  13. The employment village’s program offers specialized training in various areas of information systems. This tailored approach allows graduates to choose a specialty that aligns with their interests and strengths, increasing their chances of success.

  14. The three-year commitment after completing the program might deter some graduates from participating. It would be helpful to offer alternative arrangements for those who may not be ready or able to commit for such a long period

  15. While the employment village program is commendable, it would be valuable to consider expanding its reach beyond France, establishing similar initiatives in other European countries to provide opportunities to a wider range of graduates

  16. The financial repercussions of leaving the program before fulfilling commitments to the sponsoring company could pose a significant burden on graduates. It would be helpful to provide more flexible options for those who need to make career adjustments

  17. The employment village program’s success in providing job opportunities may vary depending on the job market’s competitiveness and individual circumstances. It’s important to set realistic expectations for graduates regarding job placement

  18. Joining the employment village program is a smart move for young graduates. Information systems professions have a promising future, and this program offers a way to enter the field with a high-quality education provided by industry professionals

  19. The limited capacity of the employment village program might hinder the enrollment of all interested graduates. Exploring ways to increase the program’s availability and accommodate more participants would be advantageous

  20. he employment village program’s duration of 3-9 months for the training phase might not be sufficient for some graduates to gain the necessary depth of knowledge and practical skills. A longer training period could be more beneficial

  21. The employment village’s program is limited to certain areas of information systems. It would be beneficial to expand the range of specialties to accommodate a broader scope of interests and skills

  22. While free training is an attractive aspect of the employment village program, the obligation to work for three years with a partner company might limit graduates’ choices and restrict their career options

  23. The employment village’s program addresses the demand for qualified professionals in the market. By providing intensive training and real-world experience, it helps bridge the gap between industry requirements and the skills of new graduates

  24. he requirement of at least a Bac + 2 level may exclude some talented individuals who don’t meet the educational criteria but possess relevant skills and potential. A more flexible approach to admissions could be considered

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